Schrader Oil Co. Training Program

Schrader Oil Co. is always looking for quality employees that can provide enthusiasm for customers and enhance our operations.
With our 18 locations spread throughout the Northern Colorado communities we believe our dynamic offerings can only become as effective as our employees are efficient.

The Schrader Oil Co. training program B.O.B. (Better of Because) consists of application analysis, interviews, and a 7 hour paid training course.  We select anywhere from 10-15 applicants for interviews when hiring is needed.  Out of the 10-15 interviewees we’ll select at maximum 6 people to go through our training program.

Our goal is to develop the best possible candidates into not only great cashiers, but future management as well. There are many valuable skills learned working in customer service that build character and transfer well into other industries and careers.  We strongly believe as a company that everyone must start with the basics before advancement.  Over half of our current managers were cashiers first.  Schrader Oil Co. puts importance on relationships.  We wouldn’t be where we are today, without our excellent staff.


Eric Schrader
Schrader Oil Co.


Please submit online application or download and fill out the paper application.  


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