Do you offer diesel at all your locations?
No, our locations that offer diesel can be found on our store locator map

Do you have any sites with Alternative Fuels?
We are working on that, but as of now, no.

How long has Schrader Oil Co. been in Business?
Since 1937.

How many people do you employ in Northern Colorado?
Approximately 160.

Where do you get your fuel?
We are branded by Shell and all fuel products supplied are made from North American crude. 40% comes from Colorado, 35% from Wyoming, 10% from other US crude and 15% Canadian crude.

How does Schrader Oil give back to our Community?
We financially support over 150 differently organizations in Northern Colorado.

How do I apply for a job at Schrader Oil Stores?
Pick an application up at anyone of our 18 locations, or click here for employment application(s). Each store hires individually. Applications can be filled out online and or on paper. Please drop off completed paper applications at preferred store location or our corporate offices.