1st Quarter 2016 Top 100 Products

top 100

Taking a sampling of 8,806 unique items in 29 convenience stores in Mississippi, we have come up with the top best selling items during the 1st quarter of 2016.


These are the items you absolutely must have in your stores if you want to improve your sales. Geographical locations taken into consideration, if some of these products are not available in your area, an item of close similarity may be substituted.


I am convinced that c-stores in America have twice the inventory needed to meet customer service level. Why not be certain that the top 100 selling items are in your stores at this very minute? Ask you store managers to print this table and report back if any of these items are missing in their store.


On average, every c-store in America could reduce the size of their stores by half, and save $40,000 in investment of inventory in each store. Savings in 10 stores, $400,000, in 20 stores, $800,000, in 100 stores, $4 Million.


This sampling was taken from 29 stores containing approximately 255,365 unique items in all stores (8,806/per store). This is what happens when you rely on Category Management to determine what goes in your stores.

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Article Credit: Bill Scott, StoreReport