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demolition and rebuild of c-store 1967

Store Transition 1967

By Kaptinkyl3 / 2016-07-07

These photos are a glance back at the demolition of the old Texaco service station and the construction of the new Phillips 66 gas station in 1967. We call this store “Scout” as it is the first Schrader Oil gas station here in Fort Collins. Our store (remodeled and rebranded with Shell) today remains in…

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4 pics in one of office construction

Corporate HQ Evolution

By Kaptinkyl3 / 2016-06-02

Throw back to the evolution of our corporate HQ. The top two photos are of the initial HQ, built around 1969. In 77′-78′ additions were added (bottom left). This building then stood until 2004 when the current (bottom right) was completely redesigned and rebuilt. All of which took place on same land in the same…

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two cans with string tying together

Bad Communication Habits

By Kaptinkyl3 / 2016-05-31

This list of 8 communication bad habits is a must glance at for all of us.  Communication is key to success, Let’s not let the ease of expressing oneself through modern technology get in the way of good manners and common sense.  Below is an article from INC. Magazine. Conversations are a big part of…

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kid typing on keyboard

Five signs your kid could be a tech entrepreneur

By Kaptinkyl3 / 2016-05-24

  In The Wall Street Journal’s small-business report, I wrote about how we can nurture tech entrepreneurs—those young stars who will create the next Snapchat or Facebook FB, +1.22% But how do you know whether your child might have what it takes? Here are five signs he or she might just be the next Silicon…

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kid shopping at C-Store

Today’s Convenience Store Shoppers

By Kaptinkyl3 / 2016-05-11

NATIONAL REPORT — It’s often said that 80 percent of a convenience store’s sales come from just 20 percent of its customers. In new, exclusive consumer research on the demographics and shopping behavior of c-store shoppers, Convenience Store News uncovered several insights on who these “core shoppers” are and what keeps them coming back to…

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photo of cashier

Now Hiring for Summer!

By Kaptinkyl3 / 2016-05-02

    Schrader Oil Co. is now hiring cashiers!  With 18 locations and a growing community we are looking for more fun friendly staff to fill positions as we enter the busy summer months.  Advancement opportunities are available.  Please follow the below link to our employment page to submit and application.  All applications are viewed…

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Conference photo

YEO Roundtable At RaceTrac

By Kaptinkyl3 / 2016-04-29

Schrader Oil Co’s Marketing Director and co-owner Kyle Schrader went to The YEO Roundtable discussion this week in Atlanta Georgia.  This is an organization put together by the NAG foundation and supported by CSD Magazine.  The two day conference is a great opportunity for young executives to meet and discuss the industry.  There were over…

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New Website Launch

By Kaptinkyl3 / 2016-04-18

Our new website has launched!  Stay tuned for integrations into lots of fun stuff over this next year!

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