A&W Root Beer Made Fresh

a&w root beer


A&W has decided on expanding its franchise into the c-store business. As many of there restaurants are located inside gas station and convenience stores, it makes since for the company to go in such a direction. Along with it’s re commitment to expansion, A&W started its return to its roots serving freshly made Root Beer in all their restaurant locations.

One of the more delicious sodas on the market, A&W Root Beer is made with a mixture of top-secret blends of spices including real can sugar and water to create the taste. The last of the U.S. restaurants using premixed bags to pour the beverage has switched over to freshly made Root Beer this summer, according to A&W.


“Our commitment to serve made-fresh root beer in all of our restaurants signifies a return to our company roots, when our founders Roy Allen and Frank Wright introduced it at a parade honoring World War I veterans,” said Sarah Blasi, the VP of Marketing for Lexington, Ky.-based A&W Restaurants. “This beverage has been the cornerstone of our brand identity for almost 100 years, and we are proud to once again make it in each restaurant and serve it fresh.”

Why did A&W switch to the bagged concentrate in the first place? The move was cost-effective and space-saving when it was implemented in the early 2000s. Under new ownership these days, the company is going back to its roots. During the early 2000s, large kettles were used to make the soft drink from scratch. The required kettles were large, taking up much needed space and required constant mixing. The company has found a solution with a smaller auto-mixer that required less labor and less time to make the beverage.

“Our root beer, like our brand, is iconic, and we want to treat our signature beverage with as much love as we can,” Blasi said. “Now that A&W’s root beer is again made fresh in-house in 100% of our restaurants, it can rightfully assume its position as an original, all American craft beverage.”

The nationwide expansion plan for convenience stores and fuel location was launched in February. The franchises own and operate more than 600 U.S. restaurants and almost 100 of them are located in c-stores as previously mentioned. There have been 15 c-store units opened by A&W in the last five years. The growth initiative will launch 12 c-store locations this year.



Article Source(s): Steve Holtz, CSPDaily