Cargo Allows Food Purchases in Ride-Sharing Services

cargo display box
Credit: Cargo Website

Cargo, a commerce company that offers products in the ride hailing economy, has partnered with the Coca-Cola Co. The company allows drivers who work for the likes of Lyft and Uber to provide snacks for their passengers to ensure a better rating. Now that Cargo has teamed with Coca-Cola, vehicles equipped with cargo will now be offering Coca-Cola.

The partnership between the two companies expands Cargo’s reach into the southeast of United States with their Atlanta launch.

This will be the first time that the two have partnered to promote Coca-Cola’s larger brands in ride-sharing vehicles at scale. Cargo’s display boxes offer products such as Sour Patch Kids, RxBar and phone chargers. Atlanta passengers will now be able to order smartwater as well because of the partnerships. Passengers can order products in the display box by using the Cargo digital menu on their phone. Customers order the products by entering the box code, select the product of choosing and hit the check out button. The driver then waits for a safe and complete stop before handing the product to the passenger.

“We’re very excited to enter this new distribution channel in ride-share with Cargo,” said John Carroll, vice president and general manager of ecommerce for Coca-Cola. “Cargo offers an innovative solution to helping Coca-Cola deliver refreshment to consumers in their moment of need in a space that was previously hard to reach at scale. We’re looking forward to seeing the impact we have on ride-share passengers when they find our product within arm’s reach when using Uber and Lyft.”

Cargo has successfully introduced their products in cities such as Boston, New York, Chicago, Washington D.C, Menneapolis and Baltimore. Introducing their service in Atlanta is the next step in the company’s expansion plan for this year. Local drivers have the ability to earn another $500 in commissions, performance bonuses and referrals with Cargo’s debut.

According the company’s policies, Cargo will ship the products to the driver who must keep a fully stocked display box at all times. Cargo has a number of buzzworthy products available including all natural protein bars, hangovers cures and face masks. The company has said that  Cargo is the only in-car solution to reaching the younger generations who avidly use the services of Lyft and Uber. For brands, the solution is scalable and data-driven.

“Passengers are at the heart of our merchandising strategy, and our goal is to provide a premium mix of products that are unique and engaging for everyone, whether they are heading to the airport, the office or out for the night,” said the head of merchandising and brand partnerships, Sabina Rahaman. “We’re excited to continue building strong partnerships with brands across the beauty, snacking, beverage, and electronics categories to bring the in-car experience to the next level.”

Cargo has partnered with other beverage makers in the past. They partnered with Red Bull this past February in Minnesota for a product sampling campaign. The partnership was just in time for the Super Bowl and the Red Bull Crashed Ice race event.

According to Cargo, the campaign allowed to have Red Bull in the hands of Generation Z and millennials, the two generations that use ride sharing services more frequently. Thousands of people who were in cars equipped with a Cargo display received a free Red Bull on their way to the big game or the after party.

There are plans for Cargo expand to cities on the West Coast throughout the 2018 year with international expansion follow. The company has said that they expect to reach more than 25 million people through 20,000 vehicles this year.