Check Out Our Candy Sale During National Candy Month

Summer days are upon us and so are some sweet deals! Treat yourself to our candy sale for the month of June at all of our Schraders locations. Regular-size candy is 2/$2.50, and king-size candy is 2/$3.50.

This product deal coincides perfectly with June being National Candy Month, something the National Confectioners Association (NCA) knows well.

In an effort to share information about chocolate, candy, gum and mints, the NCA launched a digital hub called National Candy Month Central.

The confectionery industry strives to offer consumers the support, options and information they need when munching on their sugary goodness of choice. And every June, the NCA spotlights confection makers throughout America and advancement in the confectionery industry.

Special attention is given to how our favorite treats fit into a happy, balanced lifestyle.

According to a Convenience Store Decisions article, the Always a Treat Initiative is spawning proactive efforts by leading candy and chocolate makers.

For example, by 2022, they’re pledging to provide half of their individually wrapped products in quantities containing no more than 200 calories per pack. Calorie information will also be displayed directly on the front of the packaging for 90 percent of their best-selling items.

Boosting employment numbers is also a hallmark of the confectionery industry.

Being family owned and operated for generations has allowed numerous well-known confectionery companies in the United States to offer their surrounding areas decent manufacturing jobs.

In fact, nearly 54,000 people are directly employed by U.S. confectionery manufacturers. What’s more is another 10 jobs are supported in fields such as agriculture, shipping and retail for every job created directly in confectionery manufacturing. That equals in excess of 600,000 U.S. jobs supported by the industry.

So what can you do to support National Candy Month?

For starters, learn how others incorporate candy and chocolate into a healthy, balanced lifestyle by visiting National Candy Month Central. Then, share the sweetness with friends and family and show how you’re celebrating with #NationalCandyMonth on social media. Don’t forget to take advantage of our candy sale too!