Coca-Cola Rebranding Coke Zero

coca-cola zero sugar
Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar Launches in U.S. with New and Improved Real Coca-Cola Taste

Coca-Cola has recently announced that they are renaming and reformulating Coca-Cola Zero as an effort to improve the flavor and to drive consumer sampling of the carbonated soft drink. The new formula is suppose to taste like a regular Coca-Cola but with no sugar or calories. The soft drink will now be called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, selling its “new improved taste” boldly on the label.

“More than 10 years ago, we launched Coca-Cola Zero with a revolutionary recipe that gave fans real Coca-Cola taste without the sugar and calories,” said Stuart Kronauge,  senior vice president of marketing, Coca-Cola North America, Atlanta. “The brand grew strongly after its launch and gained millions of loyal fans over time, but we recognized an opportunity to give the brand another boost and to encourage more Coca-Cola fans to try a great-tasting zero-sugar product.”

Coca-Cola Zero was first launched in 2005 and the carbonated soft drink found success quickly early on. As time went on, however, consumers became increasingly concerned about artificial sweeteners, the strength of Coke Zero slowly decreased. Coca-Cola is now banking on the taste to turn around sales.