Colorado Cities Make Most Caring List

downtown colorado springs, co
Colorado Springs

There are many different ways to show someone how much you care and can be one of the best ways to connect with others. Whether you’re helping someone bring groceries to their car or showing it in more heroic ways, the gesture is appreciated. Unfortunately, though, not all cities care as much as the next.

WalletHub and it’s analysts put together a list of the 100 most populated cities and put together a list of ‘2016’s Most Caring Cities in America’. The company used 32 key indicators of compassionate spirit to rank each state within the category and overall. They used different data set ranged such as “percentage of income donated to charity” or “percentage of sheltered homeless persons”.

Of the 100 cities they used for the study, 3 Colorado cities have made the list. These cities include Denver, Colorado Springs and Aurora. While none of them made it to the top 5, Colorado Springs did end up with an overall rank of 7. Aurora was lower on the list, coming in at 25 and Denver at 28, respectively.

Colorado Springs was also able to receive a high ranking under the ‘Caring for the Community’ but did fall shorter in regards to ‘Caring for the Workforce’ rank. The most caring city for 2016 as ranked by WalletHub was Madison, WI.

Curious to see where other cities on the list ranked? You can find out right on WalletHub’s website.


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