Colorado Fun During Winter

man snowboarding in colorado
Winter in Colorado – iStockPhoto

The winter season has already shown us a bit what it’s made of with the recent snowfall. We still have a couple weeks until it’s officially winter, though. Students are getting ready to take their finals and getting ready to head home for the holidays. Many will be leaving Colorado for a few weeks to be with their families and crowd around a Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

While many will be leaving the state, there’s still a good chunk who are only traveling a few towns over for Christmas break. This time of year is great for many reasons and Colorado is filled with some great spots and activities for the Winter time! We’ve decided to compile a list of the different winter activities for you and your family in this beautiful mountain state.


Skiing & Snowboarding 

This is an obvious on the list. Chances are that most of you have already started hitting the slopes, probably when the slopes first opened! Colorado is filled with places to ski/snowboard with 26 ski areas and resorts. There is the Arapahoe Basin in Keystone, CO which has one of the longest ski seasons in the country. There is also Breckenridge Ski Resort, one of the most popular resorts due to the variety of terrain it offers. The list goes on! For the full list of Colorado’s ski areas and resorts, visit here.


Ice Skating

Colorado is filled with ice skating rinks; you can find them all over. Whether you’re in Fort Collins, Denver, or Boulder, there’s somewhere for you. Fort Collins and Boulder are great if you’re looking for a more urban setting. If you want to find the right ice skating rink for you, friends, and family, check out this extensive list of numerous rinks.


Holiday Lighting Displays

If you’ve lived in Colorado long enough than you know about the lighting displays in cities like Denver and Fort Collins. There’s nothing like walking through Old Town of Fort Collins after the sun has gone down. Those lights keep the streets bright and put a smile on people’s faces as they enter the shops of Old Town. The trees will be lined with thousands of lights until February 14th this year. If you haven’t experienced it yet, we highly encourage it!


Ice Fishing

Fishing isn’t only for warm weather! If you haven’t gone ice fishing before, you are truly missing out on a great experience. It’s a great way to relax and spend time with your friends, family or even if you’re looking for some alone time. Whether you’re just cutting a hole into the ice or renting an ice-fishing cabin, some of the most beautiful views come from being on that ice during sunrise. Some of the best places to go include Eleven Mile Reservoir, Chambers Lake, Lake Granby and so many more. You can’t go fishing without your license, though! Apply for your license today.



It’s one of the best ways for parents to spend times with their kids during the winter season. Not only do the children have fun but you get to feel like a kid again as you fly down the hills. While it is always fun to find a hill of your own and take it from there, don’t forget about the several tubing locations Colorado has to offer. Copper Mountain Tubing offers four lanes designated for tubing . The best part is – you don’t have to walk the tube back up the hill yourself. For more details and locations, visit here.


This is a very small list compared to everything Colorado has to offer. From snowmobiling to snowshoeing and even sleigh rides, this state is guaranteed to keep you busy and having fun. Don’t forget that each city has something unique of its own to offer. For more information on the many Winter activities and trip ideas Colorado has to offer visit the official page.


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