Colorado Ghost Town For Sale On Craigslist

building in Cabin Creek with for sale sign
Cabin Creek, CO

We’ve all dreamed of the day where we own our own house. While this is a goal many of us strive for, why not shoot for something a bit more?

For $350,000, you can buy your own Colorado “ghost town” located in Adams County; the town is currently listed on Craigslist. The property is just under 5 acres of land and has more than 500 ft of Highway 36 frontage which also includes 4 driveway entrances that will “draw in customers” as the ad says.

The small town of Cabin Creek would be great for someone who does fix and flips. The listing includes an old service stations (which still has gas pumps), a small cafe, a private shooting range, and an abandoned motel. If that’s not enough, also included is an 8 space RV Park and 2 small houses. While the town will obviously need some work, that’s quite a deal for $350k.

Cabin Creek, which is only a 45 minute drive east of Denver, use to be a popular spot in the 1970s. Unfortunately, after a murder occurred in the small town, that’s when it was given its fate as a ghost town. The current owners of Cabin Creek are looking to retire outside of Colorado and have decided put it on the market. Read the entire listing on craigslist for more details here.