Current Active Colorado Fires

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While Houston, Florida and other southeastern parts of the country has been facing the repercussions of hurricanes, Colorado is in a dry spell, causing multiple fires to occur. Fort Collins and other parts of northern Colorado has been facing the smoke from other fires that have hit the midwest and northwest states such as Oregon. Colorado has also been facing a number of wildfires with four still currently active. The four wildfires include the Big Red Fire, Deep Creek Fire, Hines Peak Fire and Pine Creek Fire. Altogether, the wildfires are covering more than 9,000 acres of land. The following is known about each of the fires.



Big Red Fire

As of yesterday, September 11, at 9:00 AM, the Big Red Fire was still active. The cause of the fire was lightning and was first discovered on August 19th at 12:00 PM. Located 5 miles south of the Colorado/Wyoming state line in north Routt County, the fire is now covering 2,931 acres with only 15% contained. The total personnel is currently 38 as crews work together to try and contain the fire. The wildfire has been a priority for fire managers since it was first discovered.

While there has been minimal fire growth in the last week it was still enough to update the closure area. The affected closures now are as far to the Colorado/Wyoming state line, south to Diamond Park Trailhead and east into Jackson County and Mt. Zirkel Wilderness.


Deep Creek Fire

As of 9:00 AM this morning, the Deep Creek Fire continues to remain active. It was first discovered on Monday September 4th at 11:15 AM. The cause of the fire is currently unknown as firefighters continue working together to contain the wildfire. It is currently located 9 miles northeast of Hayden, CO and is covering 4,112 acres. The wildfire is currently 79% contained as firefighters continue working hard to reach 100% containment. A team of 290 personnel are hoping to contain the fire by Tuesday, September 19th. As the fire is conatined more, personnel will be relocated to other active fire in the area.

Routt County Roads 52 and 56 are currently open to the public. Those traveling those routes are highly encouraged to travel the routes with caution and drive safely while the fire traffic remains present in the area.


Pine Creek Fire

As of 9:00 AM this morning, the Pine Creek Fire was confirmed as active. Lightning was the cause of this fire as well and was discovered on Saturday, September 9th at 3:59 PM. The fire is covering 4,732 acres of land and is located 10 miles south of Maybell, CO and is only at 0% containment. The fire is estimated to be contained by Friday, September 15th as teams of 115 people work together to put out the wildfire.

County Road 57 was opened again to traffic on Monday afternoon. Those traveling on Moffat County Road are still highly encouraged to travel with caution as the fire traffic continues to be heavy at times along the corridor.


Hines Peak Fire

A much smaller fire than the rest on the list, the Hines Peak Fire was confirmed as still active 9:40 AM this morning and also a cause of fire. The fire was first discovered on September 1st at 2:15 PM. The wildfire covers 112 acres and is located 30 miles east of Meeker and has recently been 100% contained. A team of 60 people worked together to contain the fire. It is still marked as active as firefighters mop up and rehabilitate the impacted areas.



The efforts put in by the many firefighters to help put out these fires is highly appreciated and a dangerous job. They put their lives at risk while trying to save others. Find more information on currently active or contained fires here.