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Thank you for thinking of us!  We value Community involvement. We strive to have a priceless impact on Charities and Organizations that are in line with our passions and concerns. With our efforts, we hope that we may change and enrich lives. To apply for a grant/donation from Schrader Oil Co, please use the online form below or print out the PDF version and mail it to this address:

Schraders Grant Foundation
P.O. Box 495
Fort Collins, CO 80522
970 484-1225

Schraders Grant Committee meets once a year the 1st week of December to review all applications for the upcoming year.  ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY DECEMBER 1st of each year.  All decisions are made upon review.

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Legal Name of your Nonprofit Organization

Type of Organization

Year Founded/Brief History

Primary Source of Funds

Is your organization Tax Exempt Under IRS 501 (c) (3)?

YesNoApplication is pending(if yes, please mail IRS letter with EIN# to address above. If pending, grant/donation cannot be paid until permanent ruling is received)


Name of municipality

If you answered NO to the question above, is your organization part of a municipality? (i.e., part of city, state, town or county government. Examples are: Public School system, city recreation departments, mental health, etc.)

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