Fast Food For Millennials By Millennials

Freshii Food Store
Freshii Food Store

The story behind Freshii, the 200-unit healthy fast food chain, could be about its founder, Matthew Corrin, who gave up his job with fashion designer Oscar de la Renta in order to “Starbuck” the healthy dining industry. The Freshii story could be about how the company got started over 10 years ago when healthy wasn’t as hip, and yet opened its first 100 locations faster than Subway, Jimmy John’s, and McDonald’s. It could also be about how a business attracted nearly 10,000 applications for franchises without soliciting a single one.

Freshii’s story is all of these, but it is primarily about the success of fast food that is for millennials by millennials. While most restaurant brands — actually most businesses in general — work hard to be relevant and compelling to the 83+ million consumers between 16-34 years old who spend approximately $600 billion each year in the U.S. (Source:  Accenture), Freshii does it with ease.

The company started in 2005 when Corrin struggled to find healthy grab-and-go lunch options that weren’t boring. He set out to eliminate the excuse that people couldn’t eat well because they either couldn’t afford to or it wasn’t convenient. In spite of — or perhaps because of — his lack of restaurant operating experience, he dove head first into the business and opened a salad shop in his home town, Toronto. Two years later Corrin rebranded the concept to Freshii and expanded into Chicago.

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-Article credits: Denise Lee Yohn, Forbes
-Image credits: google images