National Cuddle Day: Unlikely Animal Pairs

Two lions and a bear nuzzling
Source: BoredPanda

In case you didn’t know, January 6 is known as National Cuddle Up Day. Anyone celebrating today can probably be found drinking hot chocolate under blankets while binge watching their favorite television shows. It’s a day of relaxation and comfort, usually with ones significant other.

Not at all pairs are likely when it comes to cuddling, though. In response to it being National Cuddle Day, we decided to put together a few pictures of unlikely animal pairs cuddling up together. Get ready for a double dose of cuteness.


Dog and cat cuddling









While many cats and dogs get along today, the two are natural enemies. There’s nothing to get over the feud than a good cuddle session, I guess.


tiger and chimp cuddling
Source: Pinterest









Probably one of the cutest pictures you’ll see today, this chimp just looks excited to be cuddling with this baby tiger!


Lion and deer cuddling
Source: pinterest









Probably the most unusual pair on this list, this small deer cuddles up with this lion as it gives it a bath. It goes to show that even the most fierce predators can put their differences aside for a good cuddle.


Snake laying on top of crocodile
source: Tanto Yensen – HotSpot Media










Another unlikely pair, this snake found a comfortable spot on top of this crocodile. One can’t help but wonder if he’s using the croc to keep itself warm from the rain. Either way, another example of enemies putting their differences aside.


owl and fox next to each other
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Another interesting pair, this fox and owl look awfully comfortable next to each other. We can’t help but wonder if this is a friendship in the making or one that already existed. Either way, the cuteness of this picture is just too much.


Polar Bear cuddles Wolf
Source: Flickr











It can get quite cold when you live in the arctic. Even with having the fur to keep themselves warm, I guess sometimes it’s not enough. This wolf must have been quite cold for this Polar Bear to hold and cuddle the little guy.


Unlikely pairs can sometimes make the best of friends. These pictures are evidence of such a statement. If you can’t get enough of looking at pictures like these, you can find more pictures of unlikely pairs on this Pinterest page.