New Hybrid Police Car by Ford

new ford police responder hybrid sedan
Source: Ford

Ford has recently unveiled their new Police Responder hybrid sedan at mutliple events in New York City and Los Angeles. The car is a modified Fusion and is the first “pursuit-rated” gasoline-electric police car. Ford says that the new car averages 38 miles per gallon, combined city and highway driving. That is more than twice the 18 mpg of the current Police Interceptor model.

The new vehicle is calculated to have annual fuel savings of $3,877 per car. Depending on the size of city police forces, that is an outstanding amount of savings per year. Big city forces that have more than 1,000 cruisers in their fleet, that’s a yearly savings almost $4 million.

Much of the car’s fuel savings comes from when the police car is sitting idle. Police cars spend more time in an idle position then they do chasing criminals with 4.5 of an 8 hour shift. While the car is parked, the gas engine shuts down four minutes at a time. The electric motor then continues to power all electronics in the car, including lights, laptop computer and radio. The process of resting and the engine automatically firing up for two minutes to recharge the battery reduces the amount of fuel consumed.


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