New Mountain Dew Ice

Mountain Dew Ice


Mountain Dew launched its newest version, a lemon lime soda, this past Monday called Mountain Dew Ice.

The new Mountain Dew flavor enters into the competition with Coca’s Cola’s lemon lime soda Sprite and . Much like 7Up and Sprite, the new Mountain Dew is clear rather then the largely recognized neon green color of the original. While the lemon lime soda are similar there is one key difference with the newest flavor. Mountain Dew Ice contains caffeine which isn’t usually seen in a lemon lime soda.

The lemon lime flavor doesn’t seem to be growing much as it only represented 9.92% of the carbonated soft drink industry, a low increase from the 9.76% the prior year. The senior VP of carbonated soft drinks for PepsiCo, Robert Rios, has stated that the category of soda has two strong consumer groups. The core groups include millennials who are looking for a refreshing beverage and parents who buy it at the supermarket for their family.

“What was missing was something that would give them a charge, like Dew does,” he said. The charge he is referring to comes from the caffeine.

According to Brett Cooper, the VP of Consumer Edge Research, the Mountain Dew brand has been suffering as of late which is why they most likely created a new addition to the Mountain Dew family.

Cooper stated that the new flavor “is consistent with what we’ve seen over years”. “They have an innovation track record and the need to get Mountain Dew growing again.”

Much like the Code Red and Live Wire Mountain Dew’s, the Ice is a permanent addition to the lineup. Along with the permanent flavors, Mountain Dew also offers limited time flavors like the purple colored Mountain Dew-S-A from the summer and the Holiday Brew. There is also the craft citrus flavored soda, Dewshine, that wPepsiCo introduced in 2015.

The Mountain Dew Ice is hosting a one of a kind party in Brooklyn today featuring an interactive ice installation and an iHeartRadio surprise performance by a big name in hip-hop.

The drink comes in 20 ounce bottles, 2 liters, and 12 packs along with other sizes.

They will be available in our Schrader stores next week at only 2/$2.50 for 20 ounce bottles. Stop in and give it a try! While you’re there, don’t forget to ENTER TO WIN a VIP WWE Experience at the Mountain Dew Ice product display.



Source(s): Zlati Meyer, USA Today