New Tech on Audi Cars Helps Drivers Catch Green Lights

Audi A4 Sedan
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You’re stuck in traffic heading to work. It’s the same stop-and-go routine of racing up to the intersection only to be stuck at another red light. As your frustration mounts, you wonder what the secret is to catching all green lights. Thanks to a new feature on select Audi cars, drivers in certain cities can now know the perfect speed to travel at so they can cruise through the greens the entire way.

Audi’s Green Light Optimization Speed Advisory system works by taking into account the distance to the next light as well as the signal timing data. Traffic Technology Services, an Oregon company, provides the light data, which is generated at 4,700 intersections in 13 cities across the country. For a full list of cities, view the original WIRED article here.

The speed recommendation for drivers is then displayed as long as it doesn’t exceed the speed limit for that area. Compatible Audi cars with this feature include every 2019 model except for the A3 hatchback, TT coupe and R8 supercar.

While the system is marketed as a stress-reduction tool when driving, efficiencies can be inhibited by the speed of traffic, not to mention the annoying glares you get from other drivers who aren’t aware of the reason for your pace.

But with AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety data showing American drivers devote approximately 300 hours per year to driving, taking steps to smooth out the commute with data communication isn’t a bad thing and will pave the way to added possibilities of connected cars in the future. Until then, Audi has you covered with getting to the office faster than a green-light go.