Post Super Bowl: “Super Sick Monday”

super sick monday


Does the number of people in the office seem like less than usual today? That is most likely due to “Super Sick Monday”. While not a national holiday, a decent portion of the population takes part in on this annual event. It has been estimated that 14 million Americans called in sick to work today.

It is clear why so many people are calling out of work and that is because it is the day after the Superbowl, a day where many people tend to party a little too hard. The result is a nasty hangover the following Monday hence “Super Sick Monday”.

The big question here is how do employers ensure their employees are actually sick and to what lengths do they go to investigate employees being “sick”?

According to a survey done by Career Builder, they reported that 33% of employers will investigate the validity of sickness on “Super Sick Monday”.

Some companies require a doctor’s note from the employee if they call in while other employers have admitted to calling the employee’s home or driving past their house to investigate.

Providing a fake excuse to call in to work isn’t always the best idea. 22% of employers have admit to firing an employee because the employee used a fake excuse to not go in to work.

Along with conducting a survey, Career Builder put together a list of the worst excuses people have used to not go to work and they are real. The number of people calling in with fake excuses even increase in numbers from 2016 to 2017.

While some of the excuses are clever, you can’t help but question some of the others on the list. One employee claimed they didn’t have enough gas to get to work while another claimed they broke their arm while wrestling a female bodybuilder.

Have you ever used a fake excuse to get out of work? What is the funniest excuse you’ve tried using to get out of work?