Road Construction to Rule Fort Collins

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Summer isn’t too far away and we all know what that means. The warm temperatures hint that “orange cone” construction season is on the way. We’ve already seen that it has started.

Like last year, this one will be a doozy.

The final results from the 2015 construction season have contributed to getting around town. But between the state, county and city road projects travel across Northern Colorado was tough during last year’s work.

During a recent presentation, Rick Richter, director of the Fort Collins Infrastructure Services, highlighted some of last year’s big projects, including:

replacement of the Mulberry Street bridge over the Poudre River;

rebuilding the intersection of Horsetooth and Timberline roads;

improvements to North College Avenue;

improvements to College Avenue at the new Foothills mall;

resurfacing of College Avenue/U.S. Highway 287 in south of Fort Collins and beyond;

installation of a roundabout at the intersection of Vine Drive and Shields Street;

Lemay Avenue improvements;

and road and bridge improvements on North Shields Street.

Of course, that doesn’t include miles of neighborhood streets that were resurfaced.

Richter reported that 2016 will see major construction of two of the city’s busiest streets: College Avenue and Prospect Road. The biggest transportation projects in Fort Collins will include:

Timberline-Prospect intersection improvements;

rebuilding of the East Prospect Boxelder bridges

improvements to the intersection of Drake Road and Shields;

a College Avenue underpass built near Foothills mall;

improvements to Lincoln Avenue from the Poudre River bridge to Lemay;

College Avenue resurfacing through the heart of town.

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Article credits: David May

Photo credits: Google Images