Schraders Grand Prix 2018

Schraders Grnad Prix


Ladies & gentlemen, start your pedals! The annual Schraders Grand Prix is back again, celebrating its sixth year in raising money for a local nonprofit organization. The double elimination, competitive tricycle race is raising money this year for the charitable organization Realities for Children. The organization partners with 31 affiliate agencies to provide for the needs of Northern Colorado children who have been abused, neglected or at-risk.

Schraders Grand Prix is a relay style race. Each person on their respective team will take a lap around the track and hand the tricycle off to the next racer. The first team that has all four teammates cross the finish line first wins that race. When a team has lost two races, they are officially eliminated. There are up to 24 teams that participate in the event.

This year’s Grand Prix is taking place Saturday May 26th during the Realities Ride and Rally. The event will be located by Washington Park, 321 Maple Street, Fort Collins, CO 80521.

You can find more information or sign up a team by visiting


Check out a video from last year’s Grand Prix!