Schrader’s Ticket to Savings

What’s that expression people use anytime we enter a new year? Ah, yes, that’s right – “New Year, New Me”. While many may say that expression is overused, we aren’t joking when we say 2018 will certainly show you a new Schraders.

This year, we have introduced our new Schrader’s Ticket to Savings program. What is Ticket to Savings? We’re glad you asked!

Every month, YOU have the chance to WIN BIG on a giveaway from us and our partners. These are prizes that you CAN NOT buy anywhere else. They are exclusive giveaways for our loyal Schrader customers. This month, you have the chance to win 4 VIP Suite tickets to the Jan. 26th Colorado Eagles Hockey Game with a meet & greet. That’s not at all. After the game, you and the 3 others will have rooftop access to watch the fireworks after the show.

How do you enter? Simple! Just head to any of our locations and fill out your information at the 12 pack Mountain Dew display. You could win big for you and three of your friends or family.

Want more details? Visit our Deals Page to learn more about the giveaway.

Every month will offer a new exciting  giveaway that can’t be bought anywhere, whether it may be VIP Access for concerts, sports events or even VIP for local Northern Colorado events. Along with a ticket giveaway, each month will feature savings on products in store. This month features Pepsi 12 pack products 2 for $8. Next month will feature the new Mountain Dew Ice 20 oz, 2 for $2.50. We’re excited for the new year and the new ticket giveaways. We hope you are as well!

Be on the lookout each month for the new, exciting giveaways! Don’t miss out and make sure you stop in our stores to possibly win the experience of a lifetime. We wish you the best and hope you become a Schraders Ticket to Savings winner!


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