St. Patrick’s Day 2018 Statistics

st. patrick's day 2018

Get that green and gold on because we are only 2 days away from the highly celebrated St. Patrick’s Day! This will be the first time in 6 years for the day to take place on a Saturday.

Across the country, people will be enjoying a day filled with Guinness, green beer and whiskey. Do you know just how many people participate in the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day? Better yet, do you know just how much people spend all together or how much alcohol is consumed during the celebrations?

We’ve put together some stats to answer these questions for you, along with a number of other statistics and facts about St. Patrick’s Day. The statistics come from WalletHub.



  • It is reported that 60% of Americans plan on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year
  • 83% of those celebrating plan to wear green
  • The average person will spend $40 for St. Patrick’s Day
  • A total of $5.9 billion is expected to be spent this year
  • Each year, the president of Ireland gives the U.S. President a crystal ball of shamrocks
  • The market value of a Leprechaun’s pot of gold is equal to $1.3 million

Did you know that Chicago has dyed their river green every year since 1962? Take a look for yourself.

  • 45 pounds of dye are used to turn the river green
  • The dye lasts only 5 hours
  • 400,000 people watch the river dyed green

Drinking Statistics

  • St. Patrick’s Day is the 4th most popular drinking holiday.
  • 13 million pints of Guinness are expected to be consumed
  • Beer sales increase by 152.5%
  • 819% more Guinness is consumed on St. Patrick’s Day


  • 31% of Americans plan to cook a special meal
  • Cabbage is one of the most popular foods for the holiday
  • Cabbage shipments increase by 70% during the week of St. Patrick’s Day
  • The price of Cabbage has dropped 1.85% since last year’s St. Patrick’s Day
  • One pound of cabbage contains the following
    • 109 calories
    • 0.54 grams of fat
    • 25.31 grams of carbs
    • 6.53 grams of protein

Irish America

  • The second most popular European ancestry (German is #1)
  • Only 2 states have more than 20% Irish American residency (Massachusetts & New Hampshire)
  • Boston, MA has the most Irish Americans in the country
  • There are 16 places in the U.S. named Dublin

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We hope you all have a fun, safe and cabbage filled St. Patrick’s Day this year! If you don’t know how you’re celebrating this year yet, we have a few suggestions for you.