Sustainability: Coca-Cola’s “World Without Waste”

coca cola recycle


Coca Cola announced recently, January 19th, their goal to help collect and recycle 100% equivalency of every can or bottle the company sells by the year 2030.

Along with its global network of partners, Coca Cola is going after their “World Without Waste” plan by shifting focus on their packaging life cycle including design, manufacturing and how they’re recycled/repurposed. The plan is backed by a multi-year investment and includes ongoing efforts to create 100% recycable packaging. Coca Cola has recognized how consumers view companies and how they care for the planet.

“Consumers around the world care about our planet. They want and expect companies like ours to be leaders and help make a litter-free world possible,” said Coca Cola CEO and president, James Quincey. “Through our ‘World Without Waste’ vision, we are investing in our planet and in in our packaging to help make the world’s packaging problem a thing of the past.”

In 2016, the company announced that they were the first Fortune 500 company to give 115% of water used to make their products back to communities and nature. The feat was achieved by Coca Cola and its bottling partners five years ahead of their target goal. The company also introduced completely recycle PlantBottle packaging in 2009 which is made of up 30% of plant based materials.

Coca-Cola has shown its efforts in trying to create a more sustainable company and product over the past several years. The new “World Without Waste” plan is their next strategy in doing continuing to do business the right way rather than just the easy way.

The company is helping to improve recycling rates by using its global marketing to educate the public on what to recycle, how to recycle and where to recycle it. They’re also continuing to team up with non government organizations, local communities, others in the industry and their consumers to make recycling easier and more accessible. Coke is doing this through recycling system improvements in local communities and policy changes.

Coca Cola is continuing to work with existing partnerships to support an environment that is debris-free. The company partners with World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Trash Free Seas Alliance with the The Ocean Conservancy and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Coke has been the lead sponsor of the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup, the largest volunteering effort that benefits marine environment. More than 20 million people have helped clean 220 million pounds of trash off of 375,000+ miles of coastlines with the help of Coca Cola.