Texaco Collectible Toy Set

collectible texaco trucks, planes and boat
Texaco Collectibles

These photos show the collectibles that we had accumulated over the years. We’ve loved sharing these collectibles via social media but want to share with you what exactly these collectibles are. The plane featured in the bottom right of the photos is the model that started the Texaco plane series. Included with the plane is the vintage Texaco 1949 White Tilt Cab Tank Truck Bank.


The picture on the bottom left shows a 1929 Lockheed Air Express replica with Texaco colors and logos. Sitting next to the plane is the the Texaco “Fire Chief” TugBoat Bank 2000, which was the first in a set of Texaco boat series. The truck in the top picture  is a replica of a 1950s Texaco tanker truck.


We love having stuff like this around our office. Stayed tuned for more collectible toy sets in the future!