Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Happy Thanksgiving with pumpkins
Thanksgiving 2016 – Google Image

It’s that time of the year again, folks. The time to put back on that Holiday weight we worked so hard to take off at the beginning of the year. The time for turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, pumpkin pie and everyone’s favorite – stuffing. It’s a day that we’re blessed with to spend time with our family and to give thanks for everything we’re grateful for.

Some will be hosting Thanksgiving in their homes while others will be driving and flying to make it for Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe some are even going from planes, trains, and automobiles. We just hope your trip isn’t as rough! In any case, a few things are for sure, football will be watched, turkey will be eaten and food comas will be had.

We’ve put together some tips for you all to survive Thanksgiving day.



Not everyone is able to . Some people are traveling Thanksgiving day while others may have already left. College kids traveled home to enjoy their week off from studies. Other family members may be driving to a relatives house for Thanksgiving. As you’re getting ready to leave, make sure you have enough gas in your tank to make the trip. No one likes an empty tank, especially when that empty tank could lead to empty stomach. So, don’t forget to fill up at a local Schrader Oil Country Store! We’ll be open from 8 – 6 Thanksgiving Day.


Being prepared

Do you have everything you need for your Thanksgiving dinner? Or are you the person that goes out and buys everything the day before Thanksgiving? Either way, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need for your dinner! Well, we may as well call it a lunch since most people are eating by 1-2 o’clock. If you haven’t bought everything you need yet, you’ll be in the meat section of the store fighting over those last butterballs. Grocery stores on the day before Thanksgiving has proven to be chaotic as many people wait until last minute. Get there while you can!

What’s even worse is forgetting something during your shopping trip! Did you forget that whipped cream for all those pies that you will have for all your guests? Or even worse, did you forget everything you needed to make the best stuffing anyone has ever tasted? That may be the biggest mistake of all when it comes to Thanksgiving! People expect to be stuffed with stuffing. So, make sure you have everything you need to put yourself in that food coma you’ve been waiting for all year!


Thanksgiving Day

If you’re anything like the other many families on Thanksgiving, the day can sometimes be stressful and chaotic. Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving if it wasn’t. There can be the family member that won’t let anyone near the kitchen while their cooking. That same person may also complain that no one helping. It’s a vicious cycle and one that is usually unavoidable. The best thing to do is to do what you’re asked and no more. Things may get ugly if you try taking on more than you were asked.

Maybe your were asked to do nothing and to stay away from the kitchen? What do you do then? Do you sit with everyone on the couch and watch football all day? Let’s be honest, that’s not a bad way to spend Thanksgiving Day. Do you spend time talking with those who are sitting at the dining table and chatting. If so, one thing is certain.

When talking with other family members, certain topics should be heavily avoided before it turns into an argument because the two of you have different views. That would make the day even more chaotic. The best thing to do is to keep the conversation light and maybe talk about what you have been doing lately. It’s a lot better than getting into an hour long debate with a cousin!


Giving Thanks

Last but not least, giving thanks. It’s an important part of the day and something everyone should do. We’re all thankful for something whether that be family, friends or the delicious dinner sitting in front of you at the table. Before chowing into that Turkey and stuffing, let your family know what you’re thankful for, especially when it’s them!


While we had no cooking tips, we hope that this small guide could help in making your Thanksgiving a little less chaotic! We’re not chefs but we do know what Thanksgiving can look like. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!