The Craze of the Fidget Spinner

colored fidget spinners


It is no secret that Fidget Spinners have become wildly popular in pop culture. The product was made to help those who have trouble sitting still and tend to fidget, hence the name. It has been around for longer than you may think – 20 years – and has just become popular this year.

During the mid 90s, Catherine Hettinger came up with the idea. In an interview with The Guardian, she stated that she invented the initial design during a bad summer when she was suffering from a neuromuscular disease that make sufferers weak.

If you are not familiar with the design, a fidget spinner has two or three paddle-shaped blades attached to a central core. When you squeeze the core, you give the blades a flick and they spin. There’s nothing else to it; it’s very simple.

Hasbro passed on the toy in the 1990s initially. But it eventually, though, got marketed, and finally took off this year. There’s enough excitement around the product that fidget spinners have been declared the new hula hoop. Or Slinky. Or yo-yo. You get the idea.

Amazon listed fidget spinners in each of its top 20 bestselling toy spots in May and features at least one that is marketed directly to adults. It offers the “HITASION Hand Spinner Fidget Toys for Adults,” a high-speed spinner that costs $9.77.

Prices for the spinners vary by location, company and design. Some fidget spinners can be bought for as low as $2 but the average range is between $3 and $6. There are even some out there that go for as much as $200 just for one. One of the most expensive fidget spinners costs upwards of $600.

The spinners were initially made for kids who have trouble focusing or paying attention. It has become so successful that adults have started to use them as well. While many use the spinners to help themselves to focus, others are buying them just to use for fun. If you go on YouTube, you’ll come across hundreds of videos showing the different tricks people come up with, along with parody videos as well.

People aren’t just buying the popular product, their making there own as well. YouTube is filled with videos showing the public how to make their own. While generally made up of plastic and ball bearings, they can be made with almost anything. One man even has a video showing how he made a fidget spinner out of melted bullet casings.

The fad has hit the country in a craze and isn’t showing many signs of a decline. You can find fidget spinners in almost every retail store including our Schrader Country Stores. If you haven’t bought your fidget spinner yet, grab one today and start spinning!



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