The Elizabeth Merges Modern Flair With History

A future look of the Elizabeth Hotel
The Elizabeth Hotel

The new downtown hotel under construction at 354 Walnut St. will pay homage to an iconic figure from Fort Collins’s past, “Auntie” Elizabeth Stone.

Auntie Stone “had the first hotel in Fort Collins and was known for her hospitality,” said Kate Davis, spokeswoman for Sage Hospitality, which will run hotel being built in conjunction with Bohemian Cos. and McWhinney, Inc.The 164-room hotel will be named The Elizabeth Hotel, a tribute to the woman considered the founding mother of Fort Collins.

“We were looking for a name that reflects the elegance of the hotel” and the features that “make it comfortable and approachable. We think (the name) is falling into place really well.”

Born in Hartford, Connecticut, Auntie Stone moved to Fort Collins with her second husband, Lewis, and became the first white female settler in the city, which was then a military fort. She owned the first civilian home, known as “Old Grout” because of the grout used in its construction, and the first hotel. She was nicknamed “Auntie” by soldiers who were in the camp to guard against Indian attacks.

Auntie Stone’s cabin is located at 200 Mathews St. in Fort Collins.

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Article Credits: Pat Ferrier, Coloradoan