The Mobile C-Store

moby traveling convenience store


The innovative Swedish company Wheely’s has designed and produced a new convenience store that will revolutionize the c-store industry. The company has already succeeding in introducing the Wheelys cafe, traveling bicycle cafes. Wheely’s has now introduced the world to Moby, a traveling convenience store that comes to the customer. Talk about convenience! The store will initially be piloted by a driver or remote control but the goal is to one day have self-driving stores that’ll come to the consumer.

Moby can be accessed by a customer using the Wheely app on their smartphone. Once inside the store, customers scan the bar code of the items purchased and automatically charges the person’s credit/debit card. Moby stores will be equipped with up to four drones on their roof, designed to deliver parcels to customers, and will be able to move from place to place along designated routes throughout an area.

Equipped with artificial intelligence and cloud technologies to the stores, Moby retail units will monitor the battery charge and stock levels. Once the stores have hit a low quantity of units, they will return to the home base and be restocked and charged as needed. They are also designed to share stock between other Moby stores. If one of the stores is low on an item, another unit with enough stock can be called to arrange an exchange of goods.

One side of the Moby units are also equipped with 400-inch flat television screen which will act as mobile billboards. Moby uses a large amount of AI as the inside included a holographic shop assistant named “Hol” to help customers with purchases or instructions on how to use the store.


Along with a parcel delivery point, a proposed pharmacy, and a med kit and defibrillator for personal emergencies , the interior of the Moby aims to be a “One stop shop” for everyone’s needs.

Wheely’s CTO Paul Cromwell has commented on the company’s vision. “Our dream is an entire fleet of self-driving staff-less stores, killing the malls, and reviving the countryside and our inner cities.”

The first Moby launched in Shanghai last month on June 13 for beta testing. Full deployment of the Moby stores is aiming towards sometime in 2018.


Source: New Atlas