What to Know About Your Schrader Saver Card

schrader saver loyalty card


If you haven’t heard, we have recently come out with our own loyalty card for our customers. While many are very excited about the new program, there seems to be confusion on certain aspects of the card. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! We want your Schrader experience to be as seamless as possible and with as little confusion as possible. With that in mind, we are here to answer the questions you have. We have put together many questions that should help you to understand the program better.


How does the Schrader Saver card work?

The loyalty program is point based and allows you to earn points when making purchases in-store or at the pump. You earn 2 points on every dollar spent in-store and on every gallon of gas you buy. One point is essentially worth a penny so you get a 2% rebate on every dollar and/or every gallon of gas. We also reward an extra 10 points on random transactions throughout the month. Grab a card today and start earning points!


How do I Enroll My Card?

You can enroll by simply going on our website www.schraderoil.com or by calling the phone number on the back of the card. All you’ll have to provide is your name, card number, pin number, phone number and address. You can’t redeem any of your points until you enroll so it’s good to enroll sooner rather than later.


Can I combine my Schrader Saver with other loyalty cards?

This is considered “stacking”. Unfortunately, you are not able to use both cards during the same transaction. We are hoping that one day you will be able to so you can save more money but that is ultimately not our decision.


Can I redeem points at the pump?

You can redeem points for gas but it cannot be done at the pump. Our suggestion is to pre-pay for the gas inside and have the cashier run your loyalty card when paying. Cards can only be used at the pump to accumulate your points.


What prizes do I win with points?

There are no physical prizes with our program. The “prize” is the 2% rebate on every dollar spent in-store and every gallon of gas. The points are spent like cash and we also send out an extra 10 points to Schrader Saver users at random throughout the month.


Can I still use my punch cards?

Yes, feel free to keep using your current Frequent Fueler cards! However, we will no longer accept them or give them out starting September 1, 2017. You can continue using it until the card is completely full or bring them into our office location (320 N College Ave, Fort Collins, CO) and we’ll have your points transferred to your new card! Your points will be on your card within 24-48 hours.


Why don’t I see the points I just earned when I check my balance?

Don’t worry, you will get your points! For security purposes, if the transaction exceeds a certain limit, they are put on hold until they are approved. We have a team to approve the transactions and points are normally approved within a 24 hour period. Points are also put on hold if the number of transactions per day is exceeded as well.


We hope we have been able to answer any questions that you have had about the Schrader Saver. If you still have questions, please feel free to send an email to [email protected] or [email protected] and your questions will be answered promptly.