Why Schraders Sponsors Realities Ride & Rally

Realities Ride and Rally

As a local company of Fort Collins for more than 80 years, we value Community involvement. It is the mission of our Grants Foundation to  have a priceless impact on Charities and Organizations that are in line with our passions and concerns. One of our biggest passions is to help provide for the children throughout our communities. We have had the privilege of being able to work with and help raise money for nonprofit organizations with the same values. We have worked with amazing organizations such as Junior Achievement and the Boys and Girls Club.

It is because of our passion for community involvement and children that we wanted to work with Realities for Children. By working with Realities, we are able to help provide for a larger number of local nonprofit organizations involved with helping the unmet needs of children in our communities. It is Realities for Children’s mission to provide for the unmet and ongoing support needs of children in Northern Colorado who have been abused, neglected or are at-risk.

The organization does so through the following efforts:

  • Through a healing philosophy that provides emergency funding for children in Larimer County when all other resources are exhausted.
  • Supporting the process of recovery through youth activities, critical item distributions, and resources to 34 Partner Youth Agencies.
  • Working to break the cycle of abuse through special direct grant programs and scholarships for the youth we serve.

By combining efforts with Realities for Children and sponsoring the Realities Ride and Rally event, we hope to change and enrich the lives of our local youth community. As all participating bikers ride through the largest Motorcycle Poker Run, they are making every mile count to help a child that is in need.

More information about the organization and Realities Ride and Rally can be found on Realities for Children website.